D&D books

What Do You Need to Know About D&D?

Everyone has heard about this fantasy tabletop role-playing game today, and for a good reason.

How to create an adventure hook

How to Create a D&D Campaign: Adventure Hook

Creating a D&D campaign is a long process, in this part we will discuss the second step: hooking your players.

Claws of Madness Cover

The Claws of Madness Review

This Gold Best Seller on DrivethruRPG is here to change the way you run low-level D&D adventures.

Pirates Arcknight Thumb

Arcknight Pirate Miniatures Review

Miniatures are an awesome addition to any game, be sure to check these durable, budget-friendly miniatures made by Arcknight!

LotR TV Series

Amazon’s 5 Season $1 Billion Lord of the Rings Series

Everything you NEED to KNOW about the LotR TV Series.

Poly Hero Dice Review

Poly Hero Dice Review

Dice are vital to D&D; they’ve been with us since D&D 1st edition, but now with technology and TONS of creativity, Poly Hero brings us these awesome-shaped dice!

D&D Brainstorming

How to Create a D&D Campaign: Ideas

Creating a D&D campaign is a long process, in this part we will discuss the first step: getting ideas.

D&D Types of Players and How to Deal with Them

10 Types of D&D Players and How to Deal With Them!

Throughout your D&D experience, you’ll find all of these types of D&D players… I’ll teach you how to deal with them!

Arcknight Spell Effect Template Cover

Arcknight Spell Effect Templates Review

Let Arcknight surprise you with these wonderful Spell Effect Templates for D&D and PF!

Remarkable Inns and their Drinks Cover

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks Review

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the perfect book for everybody who loves Inns, and drinks, and tavern fights, and everything else! Read more about this awesome book, here.

  • 5 Runescape Skills You Can Apply To RPGs

    Tired of just killing monsters and talking to NPCs? Well, now you can kill monsters, talk to NPCs, AND get cool skills! This guide will teach you how to apply skills to any RPG (and why you should).

  • Tavern Gambling D&D

    Start Adding Minigames To Your Campaigns

    Adding minigames to your campaigns can be very beneficial. It removes stress from the players and can generate very fun and creative moments everyone will remember.

  • Initiative Trackers 5e

    7 Great Ways to Track Initiative D&D 5e + FREE Initiative Tracker Template

    WHAT?! You’re not using Initiative Trackers? Don’t you hate having to remember every Player his/her turn order? Well, I do. That’s why I created this Initiative Tracker that I’ll be sharing with you for FREE to use again and again!

  • Pathfinder Flip Mat Review

    Pathfinder Flip Mat Basic & Multi Pack Review

    The Pathfinder Flip Mat is an awesome accessory for any DM to bring to the table. There are many packs you can buy to spice up your tactical combats and add variety to your campaign in order to elevate your game!

  • D&D Misty Weather

    D&D Weather Tracking Accessories

    Tracking weather in D&D is something not many DMs do. It opens a new world of possibilities and helps creativity flow, it also helps with roleplaying and realism in our campaigns.

  • New Dungeons & Dragons Movie in 2021

    New Dungeons & Dragons Movie in 2021!

    On July 23, 2021, Paramount will drop the Dungeons & Dragons movie. HYPE!