“Hello adventurer! What brings you here? Are you looking for a quest or have something to sell? Anyways… thank you for visiting my tavern.”

About Me?

My name is Alex Vigil (you can call me DM Alex) and I’m an economist who has always loved writing articles, editing pictures & making videos (if it’s D&D-related, even more). I live in Lima, Peru and can speak both English and Spanish.

I’ve been playing D&D for 7 years. I started with 4th edition and now play 5th ed. since it’s more focused on roleplaying. I’m a miniature lover (#SorryNotSorry TotM fans!) so they might be making some appearances on the blog often.

My D&D Story

Before loving D&D, I used to play the Lord of the Rings miniature wargame (now called The Hobbit, developed by Games Workshop). I’ve always had some interest in D&D since it’s a popular brand and many games/movies/series have made some kind of tribute to it.

I remember going to the official D&D website and not understanding anything! (how to play or what the game was about… remember it all happened in the 2000’s, we didn’t have youtube tutorials or stuff like that), so I lost interest because I didn’t get information.

Somehow, I found a local Facebook group called “Rol Peru” (which means “Roleplaying in Peru” in Spanish) and asked if anyone could explain to me what D&D was and how to play it. Suddenly I got many replies from experienced players who have been playing since AD&D in Peru and I didn’t even know that existed! They happily helped me understand and gave me some tips.

Weeks later, a friend at college (who had seen my post at the Facebook group) gave me his 4th edition Core Books and that’s where the magic started (turns out he’s now a PC in my group! …pssst! Daniel).

My Mission

My mission is to help make it easy for YOU to learn & understand this hobby, and be more involved in this AWESOME game, so we can keep alive the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.