Looking for Dungeons & Dragons gifts for Christmas? I’ve got you covered!

…Snowflakes, hot drinks, gifts and long D&D sessions.

Yes! It’s Christmas!

The BEST season for Dungeons & Dragons players because of the Holidays, which means more FREE time to play RPGs.

It’s also a tough date for all of us who don’t know what kind of gift to give to our DM or Party Members, right?!

Here are 10 Christmas Dungeons & Dragons Gifts Under $40 for anyone who loves D&D as much as you do!

This list will start in descending order from what I consider the most essential items any D&D Player or DM MUST have and go to the most “complex” or specific items (for that PC/DM who has it all).

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10.- The 3 Core Books

Well, I just said “We’re going to start from what I consider the most basic (…) items”… What did you expect?!

D&D Core Books

You NEED them to get the full D&D experience. Although the 5e Basic Rules are free to download on the official website, we strongly recommend you get the Core Rulebooks for an exhaustive experience.

The Basic Rules are VERY limited and can be useful if you’re “testing” the game or just learning (they make everything easy to understand and play). If that’s your case, you can download them by clicking HERE.

You’re welcome.

Dungeons & Dragons has 3 Core Rulebooks. Players only need access to the Player’s Handbook (PHB), while DMs need access to the Monster Manual (MM) and Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).

Let me summarize the contents*:

*Importance order: PHB > MM > DMG

9.- Miniatures

D&D Painted Miniatures


We all know EVERYONE loves miniatures. They spice up the game a lot and can be really useful in combat.

Regular Miniatures:

You can get the official miniatures made by WotC (Wizards of the Coast) or any other brand that works on a 25-28mm scale. WotC sells some “Starter Sets” which come with the basic heroes: Fighter, Barbarian, Wizard, Druid, Rogue and Ranger.

If you’re just looking for singles, there are some websites (MiniatureMarket or TrollAndToad) where you can buy, instead of having to buy blind boxes/booster packs.

You can also buy the new unpainted miniatures (they are cheaper than the painted ones but require painting skills).

The official D&D minis have high quality and are very durable, remember that they are “accessories” and are there just to represent your hero/enemy; D&D is NOT a wargame.

Detailed Miniatures:

There are also very detailed official miniatures… however, they’re made by Gale Force 9 and come unpainted. Like Ras Nsi, who just leaves us with our mouths open:

Ras Nsi Miniature by Gale Force 9HeroForge Customization Options

Alhough, if you’d like to make a CUSTOM miniature, there’s a website called HeroForge.

On that site, you can customize virtually ANYTHING and have the right miniature for you. There’s even little accesories you can put on the base (*read it with blonde voice*: “O M G”).

HeroForge 3D prints the miniature you designed and ships it to you when it’s ready. Even though the price is higher than buying a premade mini, you get high quality and 100% customization.

If you’re into high quality miniatures and want some resin/metal minis, you can check out Games Workshop’s (GW) minis.

GW has 3 product lines: Warhammer (fantasy), Warhammer 40K (futuristic) and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit (medieval fantasy, which I find the most suitable for D&D). They are more on the expensive side but they are perfect for bosses, PCs and important NPCs.


Fimbul the Hunter                                 Freeguild Archers

8.- Spellbook Cards

GF9 Spellbook Cards

Remember that time when you leveled up and took 20 minutes reading each spell description alphabetically on the last pages of the PHB?

Or that time when you forgot which spells you had prepared and tricked your DM? You’re nasty!

What about that other time when you made everyone else at the table waits 5 minutes while you checked which spell to cast (on your turn)?

Stop. Doing. That.


Grab this spell cards and do yourself (and each other party member) a favor. This spellbook cards are designed by Gale Force 9 (official D&D partner) and thus contain the exact information you need.

There are spell cards for EVERY class. Hell, even if you’re not a caster you can get spell cards! (if your race/class allows)

However… be sure to buy the latest edition (black boxes) of this cards (3rd ed.) since they are complete and you don’t have to buy “expansions” anymore (they include spells from SCAG).

They are great that display the spell name and all the important information for quick reference (casting time, spell slot, class, components, etc.). Spell tracking made easy, huh.

7.- Gaming Flip-Mats

Pathfinder Flip Mat

Paizo, the creators of Pathfinder, always come up with great ideas and high-quality products, and this is one of them.

The Pathfinder’s Flip-Mat is an awesome accessory for any DM to bring to the table. There are many packs you can buy to spice up your combats, if you’re using miniatures, of course.

The flip mats are laminated (not vinyl) and hold up very well (I’ve been using them for 2 years). Wet, dry and permanent markers will erase from the mat easily, so you can draw whatever you want without having to worry about stains. There are 3 models:

6.- Xanathar’s Guide to Everything


This is the latest release by D&D and let me tell you… it’s FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!


This book comes with many, many, MAAAAAAAAAANY stuff to spice up your DM Skills/Powers.

New charts, subclasses, spells, rules, magic items, etc. You name it. Xanathar’s got it.

This gift is cool for Players to have (as it expands their character options) and is BRUTAL for DMs to have (80% of the content of the book is super useful to DMs).

5.- Badass Lookin’ Dice

“Lar- mime óma… Buime tare!”  – Quenya for: “Hear my voice… buy more”

Dice, oh beloved dice.

We all love rolling natty 20s. Dice are a very cool accessory for every Player or DM (even if you’re an evil DM and will fudge the results anyway)

Let me show you this awesome Themed Dice made by Q Workshop:

Dwarven Q Workshop Dice          Forest Q Workshop Dice           Elven Q Workshop DIce

They come in many colors and different themes like Dwarvish. Druidic, Elvish, etc.

I mean… If you’re gonna roll a 1, at least make it with style!

These dice are the perfect gift and will be the center of attention every time you roll them at your table, as well as synchronize with your character’s theme.

Be sure to make a gift everybody will remember and use again and again.

4.- Dice Bag

So now you that you have bought your awesome set of dice (you bought it, right?) you’re wondering: “Hmm… where can I store this beauty without losing style?”

Let me give you some options:

a. Bag of Holding? Too common?

b. Mimic Chest? Will it bite?

c. Inside the head of a Goblin/Minflayer? Disgusting…

Just kidding! They are all cool and you can get them as a gift!

Ultra Pro Goblin Dice Bag-minUltra Pro Mindflayer Dice Bag-min








Ultra Pro Mimic Chest Dice Bag-minWiz Dice Bag of Holding Dice Bag-min

Goblin Head & Mindflayer Head: Made by Ultra Pro, zippered pouch, made of super soft and high quality plush material, carabiner style hook, holds 7 dice.

Mimic Chest: Made by Ultra Pro, zippered pouch, made of super soft and high quality plush material, carabiner style hook, holds 21-35 dice.

Bag of Holding: Made by Wiz Dice, holds over 200 dice, includes 140 dice, reinforced stitching.

They are all made by Ultra Pro and Wiz Dice, the first being a super known company that specialize in gaming accessories (most known for their Card Sleeves) and the other is a not-so-big company but has very good reviews on both Amazon and Facebook because their products are top notch.

3.-The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore

If you don’t know who Salvatore is, then you haven’t played a Forgotten Realms D&D campaign.

R.A. Salvatore is the man behind Drizzt Do’Urden, the Drow. His story is so known (and good!) that it’s officially partnered with WotC and, his books debuted 13 of the New York Times Best Seller list.

They even have an official D&D board game called The Legend of Drizzt!

There are a total of 33 books, but the first 3 are considered the best (and most classic), they are called The Dark Elf Trilogy:

Homeland by R.A. SalvatoreExile by R.A. Salvatore Sojourn by R.A. Salvatore

You can get the trilogy in a collector’s edition pack, which is super cool if you’re buying this as a gift.

2.- Dice Ring

Have you ever heard about Dice Rings? They are… y’know, rings that act like dice.

Dice rings are a new and original kind of spinner ring. A “spinner ring” has an outer ring that spins smoothly in the groove of an inner ring, which is worn on the finger.

“If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it” – Beyoncé

Dice Ring

They are very portable because they fit in the palm of your hands. Literally.

All rings are made of stainless metal and have a durable color coating.

You just put them on and when you need to roll the dice, you just spin the wheel and they act like dice.

There are many creative options and different colors to choose from!

  • Singles/Doubles/Triples: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d24, d100.
  • Elder runes, elemental, fate and fudge, hit location, compass direction, tarot, etc.



1.-Everlast Notebook

Oh boy… sh*t’s about to get real! Here’s our number one on the list.

THIS is the perfect DM/PC gift! We all struggle because we love to make notes every session right? (NPC names, inventory, maps, clues, etc) …and the next session they somehow disappear.

You can solve all your problems with this notebook! (maybe not “all”… but many!)

The Everlast Notebook can be erased completely and be like new by just wiping it.

So basically you can buy one and use it for D&D campaigns forever! If you’re a DM you can store all your precious campaign information, as well as magic items, notes for you when DMing, and much more. If you’re a PC you can write down whatever you like and erase it if you don’t need it anymore, or if you make a new character.

It can also be used for anything (not just D&D, duh! it’s a notebook!)

This is how the magic works:

Evernote Instruction 1Evernote Instruction 2Evernote Instruction 3Evernote Instruction 4

These notebooks are made by Rocket Book, a company that makes (as they like to say) “notebooks from the future” and have been featured multiple times in sources like Tech Crunch, CBS, Cnet and Fortune Magazine.

Rocket Book basically offers 2 notebooks (of course I recommend the Everlast Notebook over the Wave, since will last you a lifetime. Literally.)

See? For just around $7 more, you can get the one that lasts forever.

Besides having the capability of being erased infinitely, every page of the Everlast Notebook comes with a QR Code on the bottom of the screen, it also comes with some symbols that connect to your preferred cloud sites like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, One Note, iCloud, Slack, Box, iMessage or Email.

So you just scan the page with your smartphone and have that page stored directly. BOOM!

Merry Xmas!

Well, I tried my best recommending you 10 Great Dungeons & Dragons gifts, and I’m sure they all are super valuable to both PCs and DMs.

Just gift whatever the other person needs the most and be creative. The best gifts come from the heart.

…but receiving D&D stuff is always AWESOME!

Written by DM Alex

My name is Alex Vigil (you can call me DM Alex) and I’m an economist who has always loved writing articles, editing pictures & making videos (if it’s D&D-related, even more). I live in Lima, Peru and can speak both English and Spanish. I’ve been playing D&D for 7 years....
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