Shore of Dreams is a new independent adventure module that will keep you and your players engaged for hours. Riches beyond imagination await!

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On January 25th, Florian Emmerich (Poison Potion Press) and Joshua Parry (JVC Parry) published Shore of Dreams, an awesome adventure module designed for 4 or 5 5th to 7th level characters.

After reading and playtesting the adventure, all I can say is:

“WOW” – DM Alex

Jokes aside, this one of the best self-published adventure modules I’ve ever read. You should definitely try it.

The adventure is currently only available in PDF format, you can purchase it here: DM’s Guild Website.

Critics are always good (and let me tell you, this adventure has a few) and help the developers make better adventures in the future (I’m sure they will be reading this)

Let me explain and give my honest opinion.

Personal Opinion

First of all, I have to admit I HATE railroading my players (did anyone say “Hoard Of The Dragon Queen” ?)

This module can be linked to ANY campaign. Even if you’re not creative enough to do so, they give you 4 adventure hooks that will let you start this adventure.

If you’re actually running an Elemental Evil (Princes Of The Apocalypse) or Tomb Of Annihilation campaign, they have detailed instructions on how to introduce your players into this marvelous campaign.

My favorite hook is called “Lost Explorers” (which is on-point if you’re running Princes Of The Apocalypse) because it has many links and clues that can be gathered throughout the adventure.

In addition, they also give you instructions on how to place it on the Sword Coast (and which island names to change to make this perfectly fit into your world).


Shore of Dreams Page 4

Shore of Dreams says it offers many interesting features and let me tell you that Poison Potion Press and JVC Parry deliver what they say they do (no lies, bro!)

  • 3 – 6 hours of adventures? Yes! and many memorable encounters too!
  • 18 pages full of social encounters, dungeons, puzzles, and mystery? That’s why I’m loving this
  • Custom art for both players and dungeon masters? Sure, printable handouts and virtual files for Roll20
  • New monsters, NPCs, and magic items? Yes, sir. More like “overpowered magic item” AND really hard fights!

Why Should YOU Play It?

As a DM I found the descriptions very useful and the ideas presented are suitable for any campaign and will give EVERY character in the party a moment to shine.

Starting off, you arrive in Yokotoro Village which has this awesome feature: everything costs double the normal price because it’s not visited often.

This is awesome because it starts to “set the mood” and elevate the adventure difficulty (while you, the evil DM, laugh at them).

Then, the players will start to investigate this new town (as they always do) and start getting information. Shore of Dreams does a really nice job by portraiting and scattering clues all around the island.

At the same time, I also loved the fact that this whole adventure module takes place in a fishing village, how original! That player who’s a Swashbuckler will love you.

Note: This adventure works really well with the information presented on my 5 Homebrew Runescape Skills You Can Apply To D&D – especially if you take the Fishing skill.

There are many hidden stories and secrets that can be used (as a DM) to create memorable adventures: hidden romances, shady characters, and kidnappings.

Shore of Dreams does a really nice job featuring many story, text, and quest options for the players to decide and take action, and for the DM to plan the adventure (and roleplay the NPCs the RIGHT way).

Note: The Shore of Dreams (Tavern) can also be used to do some small talk (clues) and gambling (add minigames here!)

Did I mention the price? It’s $2.95 (like a Starbucks’ latté)

2-9-5 for a great adventure that will give your players memorable adventures!

One thing I loved is that it has challenging encounters in which players have to fight unarmed, using smart tactics like grapples, rock-throwing, swimming, diving, etc.

However, what I didn’t like is that it features a deadly trap (threat, level 5-10) that the players must solve but that thing is damn hard if you don’t have a Wizard! And can get one (or more) of your players killed.

Tempest Beast

In Summary

The Good:

  • Awesome story that keeps everybody engaged and looking for clues all the time
  • Great villain design (Pisca Ahlorsath)
  • Cursed magic item that can open up some good roleplaying opportunities
  • Beautiful art
  • Easy to read
  • Concise
  • Story isn’t “mainstream”
  • $2.95? Buy it before they raise the price

The Bad:

  • Main magic item is a bit “overpowered” for a level 5 – 7 character
  • It contains very hard traps that can kill some players

Final Verdict

Value Rating
Performance ★★★★✰
Price-Value Ratio ★★★★★
Product Quality ★★★★★
Overall Rating ★★★★★


Congratulations Poison Potion Press. 5/5 stars overall.

The 4-star review on Performance is because I consider both the combats and traps are very difficult for level 5 characters.

However, I think that the main magic item is too overpowered for a level 5-7 character.

Although, in general, this product is ONE OF THE BEST adventures I’ve ever read. Every DM should try it.

If you’d like to purchase this adventure module, click here.


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