D&D books

What Do You Need to Know About D&D?

Everyone has heard about this fantasy tabletop role-playing game today, and for a good reason.

How to create an adventure hook

How to Create a D&D Campaign: Adventure Hook

Creating a D&D campaign is a long process, in this part we will discuss the second step: hooking your players.

Claws of Madness Cover

The Claws of Madness Review

This Gold Best Seller on DrivethruRPG is here to change the way you run low-level D&D adventures.

Pirates Arcknight Thumb

Arcknight Pirate Miniatures Review

Miniatures are an awesome addition to any game, be sure to check these durable, budget-friendly miniatures made by Arcknight!

LotR TV Series

Amazon’s 5 Season $1 Billion Lord of the Rings Series

Everything you NEED to KNOW about the LotR TV Series.

Poly Hero Dice Review

Poly Hero Dice Review

Dice are vital to D&D; they’ve been with us since D&D 1st edition, but now with technology and TONS of creativity, Poly Hero brings us these awesome-shaped dice!

D&D Brainstorming

How to Create a D&D Campaign: Ideas

Creating a D&D campaign is a long process, in this part we will discuss the first step: getting ideas.

D&D Types of Players and How to Deal with Them

10 Types of D&D Players and How to Deal With Them!

Throughout your D&D experience, you’ll find all of these types of D&D players… I’ll teach you how to deal with them!

Arcknight Spell Effect Template Cover

Arcknight Spell Effect Templates Review

Let Arcknight surprise you with these wonderful Spell Effect Templates for D&D and PF!

Remarkable Inns and their Drinks Cover

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks Review

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the perfect book for everybody who loves Inns, and drinks, and tavern fights, and everything else! Read more about this awesome book, here.